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(G. Dybowski)
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(G. Mangano)
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Swing '06
(G. Dybowski)
4. -
Donna Poldina
(G. Dybowski)
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Harvest Time
(G. Dybowski)
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(G. Dybowski)
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(G. Mangano)
8. -
Das Männchen auf dem Bücherbrett
(G. Dybowski)
9. -
Blueberries And Red Wine
(G. Dybowski)

Harvest Time

Duo Dybowski & Mangano
Gregorio Mangano - trumpet and flugelhorn
Georg Dybowski - guitar
More Details

I started studying music when I was 8 years old and at the age of 14, after taking and passing the entrance exams to the Conservatory of Palermo, I started studying the trumpet.
After obtaining my diploma and having been part of the orchestra of the Teatro Massimo di Palermo for an opera season, I decided to move to Germany, a country where I still live and where I practice the profession of freelancer musician.
In general the fields in which I work are mostly classical and jazz, but I am also involved in many projects such as musicals, performances with great choirs and performances of various kinds.
In addition to my concert activity, I am also active as a turnist musician, collaborating in the production of albums by other artists.
I also dedicate myself to the direction of a brass band and the teaching of trumpet and congenital instruments, trying to transmit the immense passion I have for music to others.


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